My Projects

My whimsical creations.

Transition Collection

This series explores the city as a body. It investigates the broad umbrella of systems and networks contained within a city - the hardware and the software and how they function in tandem with each other to allow [...]

In/visible Structures

This watercolour works are introspective and quiet. In contrast to her bolder collage pieces, this series is contemplative and explores unseen connections and relationships between elements drawn from encounters [...]
Bloomsbury Festival 10

Bloomsbury Festival

I responded to the brief of creating an artwork for Gordon’s Square Gardens for the Bloomsbury Festival 2012. It is a small green quiet space nestled amidst the busy university town of Bloomsbury. I saw this [...]
Disposable Cities 1

Disposable Cities

Dealing with the notion of Singapore as a “disposable city”, the exhibition is a commentary on the impermanence and transience of buildings and structures in the country. Inspired by her surroundings, the artwork  [...]