My whimsical creations


Transition Collection

This series explores the city as a body. It investigates the broad umbrella of systems and networks contained within a city - the hardware and the software and how they function in tandem with each other to allow [...]

In/visible Structures

This watercolour works are introspective and quiet. In contrast to her bolder collage pieces, this series is contemplative and explores unseen connections and relationships between elements drawn from encounters [...]


Danielle Tay

“It’s easy to be immersed in Danielle’s bright, quirky collage paintings.
The Slade School of Fine Art (London) graduate combines small things that happen in daily life with a colourful alternate reality.

She has exhibited around the world – from Hong Kong and the UK to Russia and Singapore.

Her work Chromophobia was displayed under Next 20 Best Singaporean Artworks section of the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2010. Other notable works include Momentary Escape and In Conversation.”

The Peak Singapore