JTC's 50th Anniversary Commissioned Artwork

Creators of tomorrow @Fusionopolis One, One-north, Singapore

I was invited to create an artwork as part of JTC’s 50th anniversary in 2018. JTC is a corporation that creates Singapore’s infrastructure. Their role has evolved significantly since it was first established.

I created an artwork in response to One-North, one of the key developments in the 2000s decade as Singapore progressed toward a knowledge-based economy.

The process of me making the artwork was filmed over 4 days and featured in a video celebrating their work across the past 50 years.

The commissioned work is displayed at Fusionopolis [email protected]

The video can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/NYuzd3DwwUM




Fusionopolis One, One-north, Singapore

1 Fusionopolis Pl, Singapore 138632


Danielle Tay

“It’s easy to be immersed in Danielle’s bright, quirky collage paintings.
The Slade School of Fine Art (London) graduate combines small things that happen in daily life with a colourful alternate reality.

She has exhibited around the world – from Hong Kong and the UK to Russia and Singapore.

Her work Chromophobia was displayed under Next 20 Best Singaporean Artworks section of the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2010. Other notable works include Momentary Escape and In Conversation.”

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